Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy states the Company’s practice of collecting, handling and processing user information while using the organization’s service. The personal information provided to us is protected and used to improve our customer service.

The user automatically agrees with the Privacy Policy after using the service.  

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The website may direct you to hand over some personal information, including First and last name, phone number, email address, province, state, city, ZIP/Postal code and usage data. These elements of personal information can be used to verify and identify the person using the service.

Usage Data

There is an assortment of Data automatically as you use the service.

The Usage Data includes various diagnostic information like “IP address, browser version, time and date of your visit, pages that you accessed, time spent on those pages and unique device identifiers.

Upon accessing our service on a mobile device, you are prone to share your mobile information like, your phone’s IP address, OS of the device, type of mobile phone, types of Internet browser you surf, your mobile device’s unique ID and other identifiable details.

Additionally, we can also collect your browser’s information after you access our website.

Cookies and Web Beacons

The website uses cookies and similar tracking techs like beacons, scripts and tags to collect and track data for data retainment. Additionally, the cookies can be used to develop and analyze our services.

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your device. You can voluntarily disable all cookies or set a notification to receive one on your browser. Generally, our service is designed to use Cookies automatically for proper utilization and functioning. Unless you want, you can reject cookies by going to the browser setting and disabling it manually.

Pixel tags, aka Web beacons, are small electronic files that are used to count the users who have accessed the webpage. This can be used for various verifications and statistical adjustments, including server usage and system verification.

Similarly, there are two categories of cookies; Persistent and Session cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are erased after the server is closed, whereas, Persistent cookies remain on your mobile device and Computer.

The Use of Your Personal Information

The Company uses the personal data for the following purposes:

  • To register you as our service user and helps you achieve certain features of our service.
  • It is used to initiate the management while creating, complying and executing the purchase of the product, item and service.
  • To keep in contact with the users via phone calls, email or other equivalent forms of communication in order to inform and update them regarding the products, functionalities, and security updates under the necessary reasons.
  • We will send you special offers, general information and news on other items, events and services that are comparatively closer to your earlier enquiry or purchase.
  • Your personal information can be used to evaluate or conduct a sale or transfer of assets as a going concern or in case of bankruptcy.  
  • Other reasons include evaluating and improving products, data analysis, promotional activities, service improvement and usage trends to expand and excel our services, goods and experiences.

Personal Information Retention

The Personal Data will be stored for the required duration stated in this Privacy policy. Your Personal Data will be kept only until we have attended to our legal duties, resolved the problems and or initiated act upon the Company’s legal policies and agreements.

The user data will be collected for various internal analyses for a short period unless specified or compelled legally to extend specific data for future retention.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

Business Transactions

You will receive a notification from us before your Personal Data gets transferred or subjected to another Privacy Policy. The Personal Data might get moved on the condition that the Company is involved in an asset, merger or acquisition sale.

Law Enforcement

The Company might agree to reveal your personal information under certain circumstances such as Lawful requests by governmental authorities, Court or lawful personals.

Various Legal Obligation

Your Personal Data is released by the Company to the inquirer under the crucial conditions, including,

  • As requested by legal authority and obligations
  • For the safety of the Company’s rights and assets.
  • Interject prevention protocols in case of any malware with the service.
  • Prevent leakage of personal safety of both the general public and Service users.
  • Control and protect against legal issues.

Your Personal Data’s Safety

We are continuously using strategies to ensure that your Personal Data are safely stored. However, we cannot wholly guarantee since there is no 100% safe method of transmission and storage of electronic data without a slight possibility of malware.

GDPR Privacy Policy

The Company ensures that your rights and Personal Data will be kept confidentially in the database of the system.

Request access to your personal information

The Company lets you delete or make any changes to the information you have provided to us. You are given complete control to update, access and request deletion of Your Personal Information at your desired time and place.

We have made sure that you have an uninterrupted experience; therefore, feel free to contact Us for help. You can also receive a copy of your Personal Data that we store.

Request Correction of the Personal Data

The user has the exclusive right to carry any inaccurate or incomplete information about them, remedied by the Company.

Right to object to the processing of your personal data 

You have the complete freedom to object to the processing under the mentioned circumstances.

  • When the Company processes your Personal Data on genuine legal Interest while your current circumstances make you object the processing done by the Company.
  • When the Company is processing your Personal Data for Direct marketing purposes.

Request that your Personal Data be erased

You have the complete right to request Us to delete or remove your Personal Data when the Company has no genuine reason to continue Processing Your Personal Data.

Request the transfer of your personal information

Generally, the Company uses a structured pattern and electronic format to provide your Personal Data to you or to a third party specified by you. Reminder, this facility is only applicable to the formulated use of information that is permitted by the user or utilized by the Company to fulfil a contract.

Withdraw your consent

 The user has the full right to withdraw their consent to use their Personal Information. However, upon withdrawing consent, the services and information provided by Us can get limited or narrowed. Therefore, you might not be able to access specific services to their full potential.

Don’t sell my personal information

You can choose whether you want to sell your personal information or not. A valid consumer request from You is all we need to stop selling Your Personal Data. You can Contact Us to exercise your rights to decide.

According to the CCPA Law, the Service Provider or our analytics partners can opt for the technology on the service to sell personal information for Internet-based advertising and prospective sales.

If you don’t want this to happen to Your Personal Data, we kindly request you follow the instructions below.

“Do Not Track” Policy

Rest assured, our service completely ignores Do Not Track Signals, whereas some third-party websites keep track of your Surfing habits.

 You can select and set alerts for websites you do not wish to visit. Furthermore, users can enable or disable the DNT on their web browser’s setting page or preferences.


Celebrities Trend values the cognitive and intellectual assets of our users and providers. According to the DMCA, the Company must perform crucial and rapid response under any claims of copyright violations submitted to Us on the site. It is our responsibility to act with discretion to solve the infirmity mentioned above by whatever means possible, including its deletion/removal and termination of access.

If there is even a gist of a belief that your cognitive asset rights are sullied by Celebrities Trend or any other third party who had uploaded articles on our website, Do feel at ease and provide us with the information listed below:

1. A proper description of the work or asset that you have claimed is infringed;

2. A description of the location/link you find/claim infringes on the website

3. A description of your address, phone number or email for the Company to keep in touch. Whereas, if different, the email address of the alleged infringing party in case they are not on Celebrities Trend.

4. The statement where you believe that the use of the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, their agent, or by law.

5. A statement of proof under oath or recognized by law that your information holds rightfulness and that you are the intellectual property owner.

6. Your physical or electronic signature.

Celebrities Trend can request additional queries before removing any infringing material. After removing the article, Celebrities Trend sends notifications to the person responsible for posting the material.

The responsible person will be informed about the removal and disability of access to the aforementioned site; however, the responsible person can respond to the allegations via Your email address offered by Us.

Feel Free to Contact us at

Children’s Privacy

The Children Privacy does not allow anyone below the age of 13 to access our service users. Suppose we have unintentionally collected Personal information from kids below the age of thirteen. In that case, We request their guardian and parental consent to inform Us so that We can take steps to delete the information and data from our service.

We may need parental approval if we are obliged to rely on consent as a legal basis for Your Personal Information.

Other Websites’ Links

It is likely possible that you may find connections to websites on our server. You will be redirected to the third-party website as you click a third-party link. You will receive a Privacy Policy on every page whenever you visit our websites.

We are not responsible for any sort of claim over the Privacy Policies, content or practices of any third-party services since the Company has no authority to overwrite or bring changes to it.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

The Company hold the authority to bring changes to the Privacy Policy. We make certain to communicate the revised Privacy Policy before publishing it on the page.

We will disclose projecting notice on Our Service via email before updating the Privacy Policy, including the date “Last Updated” in the header section.

We humbly recommend our users to check and keep updates on our Privacy Policy since they are initiated effectively after the date of publishment.

Celebrities Trend’s Privacy Policy was last updated on June 22, 2022.