DMCA Policy

Celebrities Trend values the cognitive and intellectual assets of our users and providers. According to the DMCA, the Company must perform crucial and rapid response under any claims of copyright violations submitted to Us on the site. It is our responsibility to act with discretion to solve the infirmity mentioned above by whatever means possible, including its deletion/removal and termination of access.

If there is even a gist of a belief that your cognitive asset rights are sullied by Celebrities Trend or any other third party who had uploaded articles on our website, Do feel at ease and provide us with the information listed below:

1. A proper description of the work or asset that you have claimed is infringed;

2. A description of the location/link you find/claim infringes on the website

3. A description of your address, phone number or email for the Company to keep in touch. Whereas, if different, the email address of the alleged infringing party in case they are not on Celebrities Trend.

4. The statement where you believe that the use of the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, their agent, or by law.

5. A statement of proof under oath or recognized by law that your information holds rightfulness and that you are the intellectual property owner.

6. Your physical or electronic signature.

Celebrities Trend can request additional queries before removing any infringing material. After removing the article, Celebrities Trend sends notifications to the person responsible for posting the material.

The responsible person will be informed about the removal and disability of access to the aforementioned site; however, the responsible person can respond to the allegations via Your email address offered by Us.

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